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The White Envelope Project…

Hey, like me, maybe you’ve been thinking about what you can do this Christmas BESIDES getting presents and even just GIVING presents to those people around you that really, truly, already have enough…

well here’s a GREAT website I stumbled upon with a ton of super ideas of organizations and groups to donate some money to…

http://www.giving101.org/whiteenvelopeproject  It’s a great story (about the white envelope) and the giving catalogue has a ton of really cool ideas of people and places to donate to.  I know that in my Jr.High small group I’m going to try to encourage the guys to bring in about $10 each, we’ll flip through the catalogue, pick out some gifts, then leave white envelopes under each of our trees at home letting our families know.

You gonna join in?


Do you like us?

SJH Boys Small Groups at it again…

The grade 7 boys got into a little flamethrowing action…

While the grade 8 boys beat the snot out of each other…

– 1 Corinthians 9: 24-27 –

Life as a fighter requires a good Coach, good Training, lots of Practice, and healthy Eating.

Life as a Christian requires a good Leader, good time reading and praying, living out what you learn, and watching what you put into your body.  A fighter can always get better…lets push each other on to be better fighters in this walk with Christ.

Important Internet Update!

ATTENTION: The Internet is broken. From this point on we will continue life without it. Please go back to life as you knew it before the invention of the internet. Thank you.
Actually that’s not true… The internet still works, we’re just not really updating this site anymore. Basically because I hate it and it could be so much better. So, we’re making it so much better. There is a BRAND SPANKING NEW website that will be coming your way within the next 40 years (hopefully sooner though). So keep your eyes peeled cuz this site is gonna be epic.

Until then, keep checking this place out, maybe we’ll update it even though it pains me to do so.


Springvale has a new site though. http://www.springvale.org – It’s pretty cooL. I guess.

SJH Small group EGG-splosion!!

Sorry…I couldn’t resist the ‘egg-cellent’ pun.

Watching the egg...EGGsplosion!!mess-tasticShouldn't leaders stop something like this from happening?!Lesson: Learned!1) Put egg in Microwave

2) set microwave to 4 minutes and wait

3) BOOM!

4) “This egg is like the secret sins we keep in our lives…you may see no change on the outside, but sooner or later it will all make a BIG MESS!”

5) Clean up.

Just another SJH Boys small group meeting.

MISSION: impossible

SYN Presents:

MISSION: impossible

Where: Willow Springs Camp

When: (Sr.High – grade 9-12) Fri. Oct. 16th

(Jr.High – grade 7-8) Sat. Oct. 17th

7pm – 10pm

Cost: $10

What is it:  This is our biggest, favourite annual event and EVERYONE in Stouffville is invited!  All the youth groups in town are joining in on this and it should be HUGE!

Bring dirty, dark clothes.  Meet at Willow Springs Camp (Bethesda & McCowan rds) Be ready to run through the woods trying to complete your team’s mission and DON’T GET CAUGHT!

HUGE PRIZE FOR THE Most Valuable Player!!!

Sr. High – October


A picture is a representation of something real. It is an artist’s attempt to portray what they see in the real life event. Some pictures reflect that event well, others not so much. No matter how great of a representation it is, it remains only a picture, not the real thing.

This month in Sr. High, we’re going to look through pictures of Jesus. How we see him, how the world sees him, how history has seen him. Everybody has a picture of Jesus, what’s yours?