Jr. High

New Attitude, New Vision, New Logo, Same Message.

New Attitude, New Vision, New Logo, Same Message.



click on “Grade 7&8” all the info you need is there!


13 Responses

  1. hi

  2. I’m a GANGSTER!!!!!!

  3. Bedlam was incredible!!!!
    but alex… i’m wondering where the “100 something of love” is… this is me… looking for it… 😀

  4. I’m going to china in February to get my gangsta sister!

  5. OH ! OH !
    My mom wants to know what and where it is, because she says if something comes up like someone got hurt or theres a fire or something, she wont know where I am, and How to reach me cause I dont have a cell.

    so yeshh.

  6. Who are you “SNOWBALL” ???

    get your mom to call me at the church and I can let her know all the details.

  7. Lets go Clippers!!

  8. Anybody seen some of the pictures of Rundles little gangsta!!
    A.K.A. Grace


    what do you mean by AKA Grace ?
    you mean. Im rundels little ganster, or we’re you talking about the who is this “snowball” onee ?


    anyway .
    whats the neext magor ticket edvent ?:D

  10. magor tiket event is survivor!!

  11. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!survivor is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Kay;

    The “rundles little gangster AKA grace” is refering to my one and a half year old sister, but still we r still gangstas snowball grace so watev 😛

    lol rofl

  13. Hey whoever is readin’ this! Tomorrow is back to Wednesday Night Groups and I just wanted to say I’ve got like a ka-drillion songs to sing. Here’s a sneak peek!

    House of the Rising Sun
    Your Heart Will Lead You Home

    and of course,

    ….now if only I could find the CD’s….


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