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If I could just express…

How I feel about Jr.Highers…

I FLIPPIN’ LOVE ‘EM!  Thanks for making each week at SJH and each time we hang out completely unpredictable, hilarious, and praise-worthy!  I drive home on Wednesday nights and usually my discussion with God goes something like this; “Thank You for bringing each one of these students here tonight, for some reason you have chosen me for this role and I will continue to thank you for this for ever and ever…”  There is something so amazing about Jr.Highers that just keeps me wanting to hang out more and more with them.  Each student that walks through these doors, and each one that is in these schools in town right now has their own story, and my favorite part; their own way of telling that story!  Just take some time, stand around, and talk to a gr. 7/8…you’ll be out of energy by the end of the conversation, but through it just know that God has designed each person to grow in a specific way, and for that…I praise Him for the completely unique character traits each Jr.Higher brings to the table.

How I feel about SJH leaders…

You are total servants for Jesus, and I am completely in awe of what you do.  You sacrifice your nights, you sacrifice time spent with your friends, your family, to come or to go out and spend time with the amazing people spoken about above.  THANK YOU for being so creative, so loving, so teachable, and so in love with Jesus that you just want to see these students fall in love with him too.  SJH would not exist without you and you deserve many, many blessings.  I pray those would come, and you would recognize them.  Thanks for all you do.

I’m excited for this year.  I’m excited for what God will do in SJH and beyond.  I’m praying for SJHers to see God in new and incredible ways this year and express that openly.

Will you pray along with me?


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