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Tonight, the Spotlight is On…

It’s 9PM on a Tuesday night and I’m sitting in my (slightly) air-conditioned apartment listening to the new Mute Math album Armistice. I’m four songs in and I decided to write my impressions so far. 

It’s been four years since we at Springvale Youth saw them at Youth Quake (and were amazed) and I bought their first CD. Four years is a lot longer than you might think, especially when you’re waiting for a band to do something. A whole high school career has passed for some of you since they last put out new music. mute-math-armistice-album-cover-600x595

And when you put together an album as brilliant as their last one was, time is often not on your side.  (I’m into the fifth song now) With their last album came a considerable amount of attention within the music community and some extensive touring. Billeted on some of the more respectable festivals (Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Warped, CMJ, etc) Mute Math has had the world watching and then waiting ever since. 

So if you, like me, have been silently waiting for a new Mute Math album, today is your day (but you probably already knew that if you’ve truly been waiting).  While Alex had his own little wait for something special end today, so too my four year countdown is at an end. Armistice is here. (I’m on track 7 now)

Now I know what you’re thinking, “shut up and write something about the album before I just go out and buy it.” But I can’t wait that long for something without giving it the proper introduction. 

It’s important to note that anything with this kind of build up attempting to follow something as great as their first album is bound to have expectations much higher than is actually fair. So, for that reason I’m really going to have to listen to it several times before I can really give it a fair summary. 

But, this is about my initial impressions and I have to say that so far, they’re pretty good. It’s mellow, probably more mellow than their last work. Or at least more mellow than Typical and Chaos which were the obvious standout tracks on their last album. But don’t let that disappoint you. There is energy here. And there is certainly the Mute Math creativity we all want. I’m listening to Odds right now (track 8 ) and it’s a very, very cooL song. 

Vocals are as expected, as are the drum beats. Both exceptional. The synth and all kinds of other musical treats are very well placed. I’m still going to need a second or third listen to find any standout hits like the last one had. But so far (up to track 9) the album is proving well worth the 10-15$ you’ll probably pay for it. If you don’t care about the physical CD, it is on itunes for 9.99. (Okay there’s horns on track 10 and that’s just lovely) 

I won’t bore you anymore with the details. I’m three tracks from the end though and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying this album. Actually I would say I’m becoming more impressed as the the CD goes on which is normally the opposite of what happens when I listen to something new. Armistice seems to keep getting better with age. 

Anyways, initial impressions of the first twelve (of 13) tracks gets 4.5 stars. I’m gonna say you should probably just go out and buy it as soon as you finish reading this review (which is almost over). 

The only song I haven’t heard yet is number 13, Architecture. I would wait but track 12 (Burden) is 9 minutes long (that’s bordering on Hillsong length) and Architecture is also the top downloaded song off this album on itunes so I’m gonna guess that it’s probably a pretty good one. 

I just read that the lead singer, Paul Meany, had this to say about the new album,

“Our goal is to embarrass the first record, that’s what we’re trying to do here, and I think we’re on point to pull it off.”

Let me know if you agree with him. I think I may. Check it out, you probably won’t be disappointed. I definitely am not. 

Armistice hit stores today, Tuesday August 18 2009.


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  1. sooo, why at the top does it say it was published on the 19th when it will not be then for 16 minutes?
    just a basic inquiry.

  2. and why was my comment left at 3:43 am of a day that is still yet to occur?
    what’s going on?

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