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Dead for the summer?

If you have been checking this website daily for an update (like most of you probably have) then more than likely you are thinking to yourself, “are Ben and Alex dead?  Sleeping?  Watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy?  or worst of all…just not interested in blogging anymore?!!”

Well, I’m happy to say, it’s none of the above situations.  The truth is, we’ve been busy!  So, to help you understand what that word ‘busy’ means in the life of a Youth Pastor in the summertime in southern Ontario…here’s what we’ve been upto:

  • Summer officially starts
  • Alex, Ben and 8 other Christ-loving servants fly to Poland for two weeks to run an English Camp for Polish teens…we have a great time, learn a lot about the basics of having a passionate ministry, return home to find 25 new Facebook friend requests from hip Polish teens!  AWESOME!
  • Took that week off, yeah, we’re allowed vacation time too ya know!  Brushed up on some North American TV shows, researched Michael Jackson’s death all over the internet, loved our families.
  • Came into the office for a week.  Working on all kinds of plans for the future.  I can’t speak so much for what Ben was doing, but I’m working on a whole new plan for Jr.High volunteer leaders to be more strategic in what we do.  Also, the plan for SJH this year was also formed out of the dust of the ground…or at least my filing cabinet.
  • Then I spent a week preparing for speaking at two camps in the following weeks…Ben, sat in front of his computer, pretending to type important documents.  I checked his History folder later and found hours and hours spent on the Jonas Brothers’ fan club sites.  Tisk tisk.
  • End of July – I went up north to Huntsville to speak at Camp Widjitiwin!  Had an incredible time!  Ate a TON of ribs on Wed. night, met some amazing people, and actually hit up the beach too!  Ben…now is a member of the JBFC (Jonas Brothers Fan Club)
  • Last week, I spent speaking at the camp just around the corner, Willow Springs.  Again, just amazing!  Great response from the campers and counsellors, met some more amazing people and had a riot while I was there!  You camp-workers are absolute heroes in my books!  As of Friday last week my co-worker has been promoted to Co-Chair of the JBFC, Canada branch. Well done buddy!
  • This week…I’m waiting for my VERY pregnant wife to give birth to our second wee one (due date is tomorrow, 13th), and Ben has sadly had to put aside his fan club duties for the week to focus on speaking at Willow Springs…it’s a great week to be there, tons of SpringvaleYouth kids as campers!

So, that’s been our jam-packed summer…as for what the future holds, only God knows!  But we are getting VERY excited for our programs to start up again in that second week of September!

SJH kick off  – Sept. 18-19 LOCK-IN at the church!

Sr.High kick off RETREAT – Sept. 25-27, Details coming oh so soon!

Hopefully your summer has been as good as ours…and if you haven’t yet, take some time to STOP!  and think about how much God is loving you even right now.



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  1. the sad thing is, i WAS checking almost every day for an update!!! 😦

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