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Just an Update on Life and Other Stuff You May Care About…

This week in Sr. High we are entering our second part of “Life In The Word.” I hope that you are taking advantage of our 22 Day Challenge. You can join in at any time and if you miss a day, no worries, just pick up and get back in there. Reading the bible should be a daily thing but let’s not get legalistic about it. You can find the Life In The Word blog over to the left of where I’m writing now.

Friday May 1st is WhirlyBall! The game nobody truly understands but everyone loves once they play it. We’ll be meeting at the church at 6:15. Costs $20. It’s the new place so apparently there’s Lazer Quest and some other fun stuff there too. Tell  your friends. If you need a reminder, check out the facebook invite page here and invite people out. Or, to try something new, I set up a Google Calander event that you can use and invite your friends with.

We’re also hoping for a Small Group event of some sort over the next 2 months. So, I guess sometime in May, get together with your small group and plan some sort of fun event to invite your friends to. Talk to your leaders and get something going.

You may wonder where the podcast is for this week. You may not care. If you do, we didn’t record one because of Good Friday. Just relisten to the old ones. Again, you can find the link for those over to the left. Or if you want to make it really easy, go to itunes, search “springvale youth” in the Store, and subscribe to the podcast and then everytime we record one it will download automatically. How great is that?!?

I want to encourage you all to keep using this site. Tell your friends. Springvale Youth Dot Com is going to become an all purpose communication between us and you. It’ll be fun, informative, and interactive. You can easily subscribe via email (left again) so that these updates just get emailed to you or if you know how to use RSS feeds, you can do that too. You’ll just want to stay on top of this stuff cuz we may put up things that you’ll want to know about. Events, up-to-date information, even contests. So, spread the love.

Anyways, enjoy the warm weather this week. Apparently Saturday is gonna be lovely.


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