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Are You Kidding? A New Podcast!?!

You know when bands reunite after a prolonged breakup and then all the die hard fans are really excited (even though some of them doubt that the band could ever really be as good as they once were) and a lot of times those bands gain new fans from a new generation of listeners? Well, that’s not really the best analogy here but the Podcast Team is back after almost an entire year off. We took some time, gave you guys a break, but now we’ve returned and we’re ready to resume our role of king’s of the digital ariwaves. Make no mistake, we have some great stuff planned for the future that you are NOT going to want to miss! Check it out, it’s pretty absurd, and stay tuned as we deliver more podcasts to you!

The latest can be found  HERE, or over at the side menu, or possibly on itunes (under Springvale Student Ministries).


2 Responses

  1. i less than 3ed this podcast and i are also impressed with the corn of the uni

  2. no way!!!! i am officially excited
    this make my day
    if only i downloaded it before school… 😦

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