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“Where The Wild Things Are”

I always have mixed feelings when Hollywood brings beloved literature or TV from my childhood to the big screen. It’s a risky thing, especially with books, because it runs the risk of completely ruining what I had built up in my imagination as a kid. wildthingsposter

The first Narnia did not dissapoint. If anything, that movie completely satisfied all my childhood fantasy and brought back the same feelings of wonder that I had while reading the book. Other attempts have been less successful.

This fall, Spike Jonze is bringing one of the greatest illustrated books ever to life. Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are hits theatres on October 16th and everything I’ve seen so far has made me pretty excited. This book was one of my favourites growing up and I’m pretty stoked for this adaptation. Spike Jonze has a pretty amazing vision for this movie.

I never thought of it as a children’s movie. My intention was to be true to how it felt to be 9 years old. Maurice’s whole thing is to be honest. You can say anything to kids as long as you are respectful and not pandering. – Spike Jonze

He’s really trying to capture the way he felt when he first read the book and so far I’m really impressed with his vision. Every image I’ve seen so far has really got me interested in what he’s doing and I’ve been restlessly waiting for a trailer, which just dropped today. Hopefully you like what you see. Check it out and let me know.

Click Here For The Trailer.

– Ben


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