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Are You Twitterpated?

Studies are now showing that more people are using social media sites than they are email. This is certainly no surprise to me, having found that more of you respond quicker and more reliably to facebook messages than you do emails.

What is interesting however, is the shifts and trends in social media. Facebook is still obviously emerged as a clear winner reaching almost 30% of all internet users. I can still clearly remember pimping out my myspace page and stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that facebook would ever be as popular as that. (If you’re not on it now, you’re so far behind you might as well disconnect your computer from the web.)twitter-hashclouds1

I’m now interested in other widespread phenomenon, Twitter. What fascinates me the most about this little tool is just how addicting it can become. It’s ridiculously simple, basically just the status version of facebook, but yet it has become a very close contender to the popularity of facebook.

So, not knowing too much about it, or really anyone who was “tweeting” (that’s the verb), I joined and created a SpringvaleYouth Twitter account. I’ve only been at it a couple of weeks but I must say, I find it surprisingly therapeutic. There’s something strangely reassuring about continuously offering status updates for others to read.

All in all, worth using if you enjoy this kind of of quick interaction with your friend’s lives. I’m going to keep using it to provide updates for Springvale Youth, which I suppose can be useful if you need up to date information on events and other such going ons. Check it out. A simple tool for loads of fun.



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