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Work…cursed or not?!

I would just like to clarify a point that I stated last night at Sr.High.

In talking about the idea of work I was getting to the point that we (as humans) simply do not like to work, and when we are told to work for something we have to then evaluate how badly we want it.  Ultimately we do have to work at living a FREE life, thus why we often slip back into our sinful temptations.  

In talking about how stupid work is and how much I don’t like it…I may have got carried away when I said that work itself was a curse from God after the fall of man.  The truth is, work is not a curse, HARD work is a curse.  Before the fall I’m sure Adam worked to get food, but after the fall God said it would now be hard work.  Check it out…Genesis 3.

now…stop reading this and GET TO WORK!


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