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5 alarm fire!!!


Like no other Jr.High night I’ve ever experienced!  

For those who weren’t there…let me set the scene…There’s about 5 of us just hangin out in the NEW ROOM waiting for the regular hoard of kids to arrive periodically for the next 20 minutes (about 6:50pm).  Then I hear the fire alarm going off (can’t hear it in the room because our rockin’ tunes were melting our faces off…and ears).  SO, a few people are frantically running out the doors telling me to do the same, I think to myself…”really?  a fire?  nahhh!”  Never the less I tell the kids that were there to go outside while I gingerly grab the important stuff…my computer and hard drive.

For the next 30 minutes or so we wait out front of the church, either to see smoke and feel like there’s a legit reason for us to be out there…or for someone to say…”JUST KIDDING!” and have it be a surprise party or something.  The firemen come, check out the building and decide that someone pulled the alarm (prankster…probably Ashton Kutcher).  So we’re shipped into the new gym to be sat down and told the consequences of something like that, we’ll soon see if the message got across to our little Ashton, wherever he is.  We were told to wait in there until further notice…well, waiting is boring.  So we played some games…

Everyone from SK – Adult leaders ended up playing “Street Says”, “Hokey Pokey Rap”, “Bring me a…”, and “Rock, Paper, Scissors” for about half an hour.  

FINALLY, we’re told we can go into our room…so we get in there, and let me tell you there’s nothing more awesome than 30 Jr.Highers giving the New Room (Still needs a name) a house-warming gift of unabashed, heart-filled, loud, and fun praise to our God.  

Sure I spent 4 hours planning a lesson for tonight, but ‘my ways are not your ways’, declares the Lord. I guess this means next week’s lesson better be INCREDIBLE?!!?

I am so very blessed to have the job I have, and be in the position I am where I can hang out with such amazing kids each week.  Thank you for coming out tonight, and for just having a joyful spirit through the whole thing.



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