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Music Worth Your Time (Chapter 1)

This is the first of what will hopefully become an ongoing discussion about music that you should be enjoying. I have a tendency to “collect” music the way some people collect stamps or rocks shaped like celebrities. I figure its only fair that I share some of that collection with the world so every now and then I’m going to post a new chapter and give you a band, cd, or song that you should either buy, download, or borrow from a friend as soon as possible. Enjoy. 


Today’s recommendation should come as no surprise from anyone who knows me as this is one of my favourite bands, Anathallo.

The band’s name comes from the Greek word which means “to renew, refresh, or bloom again.” To try and sum them up in a single genre would be a difficult feat, so I won’t bother. They bring in elements or rock, folk, classical, big band, and their own creative originality. Whatever they do, it certainly does not fit the typical band mold.

As great as they are on their CD, it was really their live show that sold me on them. If you’re into music that breaks stereotypes and sort of pushes normal boundaries, these guys are worth your time. Their highly acclaimed CD, Floating World has brought them exposure on many of the major music festivals and reached a serious level of respectability in the independent music scene and beyond it.

If you’re wondering where to start, check them out on itunes and buy a couple of their top rated songs or head over to their myspace page and give them a listen there. If you get into them and really start to enjoy them, check out some of their older stuff. They have a terrific worship album simply entitled Hymns. These guys truly embody what creativity is. Whatever your musical preference, I highly suggest you give them a listen and if you ever get the chance to see them live, take it. 


*Also, if you’re really interested in their artsy creative minds, check out their blog, Your Happy Makes Me Go Oldies.


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