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31 days of wisdom…

And here it is folks – our newest challenge!!!  A Proverb a day…

Who: YOU. whomever you may be.  (notice I used the word WHOMever, not whoever…a common grammatical error)

What: Read a chapter of the book of Proverbs each day!

Where: Read it wherever you want.  But if you’re looking for the book itself, it’s found within the greater book of the Bible.  Open to the middle…then go to the right a bit.

Why: Why not really?  But actually because during ‘The Hour’ on Sunday mornings (formerly “Sunday School”) we will be studying this most marvelous book of the Bible for a while.

When: EVERY DAY! “wait…I have to open my Bible every day!?”  sure, and here’s the part you need to know, if you miss one.  Just catch up the next day (read two) OR skip it and move on to the next one.  

It’s really easy to do, really practical and GOOD advice coming from this book, and hopefully will make you want to get more into the Bible and get to know who God is a little better each day.


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