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Summa Summa Summa Time

It’s incredible to me that summer isn’t just a season (weather wise) but it’s a season in our souls (don’t tune out just yet, it’s not gonna be that cheesy the whole way through). 

I’ve just noticed that people fall into a completely different way of life once the warm weather hits and schools done and cottages open.  We just become lazy, but the best part about it is that most people are totally fine with most other people being totally lazy because ‘it’s summer…’.  I think I’ve noticed this because I have fallen victim to this summer disease too, and wow am I ever lovin’ it!  And I’m not even one of those guys that gets all lathered up and lays on the deck for 6 hours to get beautifully bronzed, I just love being warm, hot even.  It gives me an excuse for the lack of energy I normally have and when I want a nap it’s because “I’m just so hot, I may have sunstroke” (works everytime!)

I guess what I’m trying to say to all the students reading this is, love summer for all it’s worth, especially here in Canada.  Don’t complain when it’s too hot, cause you know you’ll be beggin for the heat come February.  And (pastoral note) even though the summer is all about being lazy – unless you have a ridiculously hard summer job – don’t slack on the time you spend with God, if anything you should be able to focus more on him…give it a shot.


One Response

  1. The sun is great, but sometimes it’s not “cool”. (pun attempted?)

    Anyway, here’s a little vid about our oh so friendly sun.

    Click it!

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