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We Need You!

I’m sure many of you have been wondering what the deal with the podcasts is. If you have, here’s my answer. If you haven’t, there hasn’t been one in two weeks and here’s my answer.

We’re building suspense! You guys have shown a lack of interest and that dissapoints us. No one emails us anymore to ask a question or share something interesting. We’d love it if you did.

So we went on strike to combat this general lack of involvement but apparently its not working. We have had a couple emails but we want more. We want more than one a podcast. It doesn’t need to be amazing. It doesn’t even need to be serious. We like fun and serious stuff.

Anyways, get your emails in. Send us anything you find interesting, hilarious, thought provoking, or just plain controversial and we’ll put it on. We’ll talk about it. We’ll give you credit. We’ll make you famous among your peers. DO IT.

For those of you who do believe in us, please shut your eyes and repeat after yourself over and over again, “I do believe in podcasts…I do believe in podcasts…”. Say it like you mean it and hopefully we’ll be back this week.




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