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TOP 5…

Well, if you’ve been listening to our Podcast (Check it out!!!) then you know that each week we collectively do a “Top 5” list.    I have decided to put my own opinions on this Blog for all to see, and probably agree with, as my opinions do always reflect those of the masses.  Disagree?  Voice it.

Top 5 – Best Fast Food Meals In Canada! (no Chic-fil-a)

5. Big Mac combo, ‘Large sized’.  (McDonalds) 

Don’t mess with a classic, not strong enough to battle with some of the newer meals floating around in Fast Food nation, but always good enough to be on the list.  And if you’re getting this meal without going for the large fry and drink (because that’s “just too much”), you might as well just order a salad and water.  Go big or go home.

4. Angus Burger Combo (Harvey’s)

Few burgers out there taste as much like real authentic meat like this one does.  Say what you will about Harvey’s, but as far as taste and preference goes, that truly do make your Angus burger a ‘beautiful thing’.  And to top it all off, get onion rings instead of fries! mmm.

3. 12′ Roasted Chicken on Honey Oat, toasted (Subway)

For those of you who simply can’t handle the idea of grease dripping down your chin while chowing down a burger…welcome to freshness!  This probably only gets better with some sort of cheesy bread, but I just happen to be allergic.  But for a meal on a bun, few things get my mouth watering like a hot chicken breast with crisp vegetables and just the right sauce.  Make it how you want, but give this a shot!

2. Pizza…(Pizza place)

Now, understand this, I cannot eat cheese, therefore most Pizzas.  This is purely an assumption as it’s gotta be one of the most popular and cheap things to grab as a bite to eat. 

1. Big Bacon Classic with Chili, or Baked Potato (Wendy’s)

Hey, what’s everyone’s favorite breakfast sandwich? (maybe a topic for another top 5) That’s right, a BLT.  Well imagine that awesomeness coupled with a square beef patty and Wendy’s delicious buns…and now you’ve got everyone’s favorite breakfast sandwich available for lunch and dinner aswell!!!  Until I found this burger, and this restaurant, my life was missing something, there was a Wendy’s-size-hole that only this could fill. 

By the way, honorable mention goes to the BACONATOR…6 pieces of bacon, 2 patties, Mr.Wendy you are thinking on the right track now!



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