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Well I’m sitting here on Wednesday night after Jr.High listening to the most incredible Podcast ever made (SpringvaleYouth podcast that is).And here’s my thoughts…seeing as I was part of the podcast, I think my thoughts are valuable.  a) Ivanna proved me wrong by saying that she listened to it (Jr.Higher)…therefore, we will promote this more with Jr.High and I’ll assume that you’re listening.2) She also said that it’s pretty boring…more or less…I think I may agree.  I mean I’m enjoying listening, but that’s because I was there, and I know what’s coming, and I think I’m funny…someone who may not understand our inside jokes, may not enjoy it.d) We will cut down on the time issue…40 minutes is a long time to listen to us, even though we do have some good answers to some cool questions.vi) Finally, I know everyone says this but, my voice sounds weird on there, like I have a cold or something and it’s exceptionally deep, is this what I normally sound like?  Tell me what you think.  


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